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It’s hard to imagine food without spices and flavors that are provided by herbs, spices and seasonings. Spices are extracted from the seeds, stems, bark, roots and leaves of plants and trees while herbs are the soft succulent plants that grow in temperate zones. You don't have to cook and eat bald food anymore as Jumia Egypt has a collection of herbs and spices all from trusted brands including Maggi and Imtenan. Order your spices today and have them delivered to your home.

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Browse through our site for all types of herbs and spices for seasoning for all types of foods. For chicken seasoning as we have Maggi chicken cubes and for burgers, you will find burger spice mix. Others include salt substitutes such as organic coarse salt, organic fine salt and light sod salt.

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Shopping for Indian spices online? You are in the right place. Jumia Egypt stocks a variety of spices and herbs ranging from organic herbs to natural herbs. Browse through our site for the complete spice and herbs selection. Make your order online, pay conveniently online and have your spices and herbs delivered to your home.