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Lip liners are the main foundation of your lipstick that is why you should choose your lip liner pencils very carefully. You can choose lip liners to enhance your lips and give them a healthy volume. Even though advertised lip liners may seem attractive they may not suit your lip and skin tone. And because you need to choose the best lip liner for you, we are giving you our most used lip liner tips. When choosing a lip liner color you should take the color of your lipstick in consideration, to know the right lip liner color for you try it on without wearing makeup because that way you could really see if it’s suitable for your skin tone. For example; you can’t just buy lip liner for red lipstick, you have to know the exact shade of red you have.

Also, try to take other people opinions,

take your friend with you while buying lip liners or just take the saleswoman’s advice. Keep in mind that you should have a neutral color lip liner because it almost works with everybody. There are many types of lip liners such as lip pencils, lip liner tattoo and lip smudges. Many women buy the regular lip liner pencil however some would go for lip liner smudges. What is more, some women use ChapStick after applying lip liners to give their lips a natural plump, in any way you should buy a lip liner that is a bit darker or lighter than your lipstick shade. You can opt for buying lip liner set or checking lip liner reviews before buying them. Among the best brands that make trusted lip liners are M.A.C and Maybelline.