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Lipton is a British brand of tea founded in 1890, which was around a 128 years ago. If you’re looking for traditional red tea or any other tea, you can find the best quality tea from the Lipton brand. Shop online at Jumia Egypt from our grocery shop for all Lipton flavours which include a variation of delicious herbal tea such as Lipton green tea, chamomile tea or hibiscus tea, along with many different flavours.

Discover our collection of Lipton tea brought to you at low and amazing prices. You can also get the tea either as tea bags, which is the traditional and most sold option, or you can get loose tea which comes in Lipton tin cans.

Buy from Lipton Egypt for Best Tea

Lipton company sells tea all over the world because it is one of the best brands of tea. Whether you’re looking for green tea, mint tea, black tea or maybe even lemon ginger tea, you can find at Jumia Egypt from Lipton. Basically, any sort of tea whether traditional red tea, herbal tea or flavours of tea, we assure you that it can all be found at Jumia Egypt from Lipton Yellow Label tea.