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Apple iPhone 5 - the latest smartphone innovation

No need to emphasize more on this, the iPhone has completely changed our way of using mobile phones. It is characterized by its simple and intuitive interface, which enables anyone to understand its features immediately.

The first iPhone was launched in 2007 by Apple and became instantly a “must have”. It was the first mobile to offer a big touchscreen of 9cm with a scratch-resistant glass. Later on the iPhone was further developed to become iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.People around the world started to buy iPhones and falling in love with those incredible smart phones

Buy iPhones for Faster, Better and Smoother work

Apple has now launched 6 different generations of iPhone, offering on each one of them various innovations. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome the Apple iPhone 5! As much as the iPhone 5 was a huge phenomenon in the world of smart phones, Apple now is developing more innovative and hard core iPhones namely the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

New features in the New iPhone

The dual-core battery delivers more power than the previous iPhone, which means that the autonomy of the device lasts much longer.

iPhone, the fast phone!

The iPhone is quick and easy to use. You can have a look at your favorite apps, browse on the web or just make phone calls at a very high speed.
You will see that the difference with every other phone is stunning, especially when it comes to the Internet. These great features made anybody who decides to buy iPhone feel completely at ease with her/his choice.And now you could get the new Apple iPhone 6 in Egypt ( ايفون 6 فى مصر)from Jumia Egypt

An incredible camera

The 8-megapixel resolution of the lens changes the life and so does the wide panel of settings and modes included with the camera! You will now be able to snap the best pictures wherever and whenever you are and with every kind of light.
Let’s not forget the video recording mode integrated with the camera: it shoots amazing 1080p HD videos. Associated with new optics, you will be able to take great videos at any time of day with a perfect resolution.


The iPhone works with one of the most efficient mobile operating system. It is also the easiest to use. It offers many features like iCloud, which enables you to store your music, photo, apps etc and to open them on all your other devices. The 4" Retina display offers a high resolution for your ultimate media experience. You can also find Facetime to make videophone calls or Airprint to print wirelessly every document you need. Moreover, many people choose to buy iPhones online in Egypt since they trust Apple and know that it is a unique and reliable brand.

Many accessories

Need to protect your iPhone with a shell or just want to enhance your iPhone with accessories? Jumia Egypt has selected a wide range of iPhone accessories to improve your iPhone experience!