Jumia works with the best suppliers and vendors to provide the best and affordable products to its customers.

At times, things go wrong with these products. Luckily, our brands are committed to our customers as much as we are. They show that commitment through warranties.

Warranty ensures that if anything goes wrong, that is not the customer’s fault, your product can be repaired or replaced. Warranty is available on select brands and products.

How do I know if my product has a warranty?

On the product page, on the right of the product, there is a field for warranty.

If the product has a warranty, this field will be filled with the duration as shown below.

How can I activate my warranty ?

If you call Jumia within 14 days after Delivery, your product may still be returnable without using the warranty. Check our Return policy for detailed information.

If it’s over 14 days since delivery and the product has a warranty:

please contact the service center listed on our warranty page or call Jumia and we will provide the contact for you.

If it’s over 14 days since delivery and the product has no warranty:

unfortunately Jumia will be unable to cover the item and you will be responsible for repairing costs.

Have additional questions? Please call us here: 19586

How do I go about servicing my product?

Please send the product(s) directly to the respective Service Center stated on the warranty page or given to you by Jumia. For a prompt warranty claim kindly include all the accessories, and information included in packaging.

Where are the service centers?

Please refer to the manufacturer (or service center) details on the warranty card included with your product.

If there is no warranty card, please check the user manual or product packaging for more details. You can also refer to our warranty directory below.

In case you still cannot find your service Center, feel free to reach out to us at www.jumia.com.eg/contact/ and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

If my product is within warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?

If your product is within warranty duration and is damaged by mechanical or electrical systems, you don't have to worry about the repairing cost. You will be covered.

If my product is out of warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?

If your product is out of warranty duration, you will be responsible for the repair cost.

We suggest you to repair the product at the service center authorized by the manufacturer (the warranty center on your Warranty card) for better quality services.

Product repair centers

Phone  Service Center  Category Brand
19375 Redington  Laptops ,Hard drive and printers Lenovo
02 33367789 MAS EGY Laptops ,Hard drive and printers HP
02 24050011 Silicon21 Laptops ,Hard drive and printers canon
224547315 Brothers Computer Laptops ,Hard drive and printers Seagate
02 33367789 MAS EGY Laptops ,Hard drive and printers Lenovo
16016 Minlo Home & living , TVs Tank
1111158108 Acti Home & living , TVs Delonghi
Home & living , TVs Kenwood
16580 Samsung Home & living , TVs Samsung
19319 Alaraby Home & living , TVs Toshiba
Home & living , TVs Sharp
Home & living , TVs Tornado
19960 LG Home & living , TVs LG
19059 Fresh Home & living , TVs Fresh
19999 Zanussi Home & living , TVs Zanussi
16611 Sebgroup Home & living , TVs Tefal
Home & living , TVs Moulnix
24577460 Sadko Home & living , TVs carino
19091 Sadko Home & living  Kriazzi
19595 Elabd Home & living  whitepoint
1114016086 Unionair Home & living  unionair
1223966532 Alska Home & living  Alska
16315 Tiba Home & living  Gree
1063873335 Mediapro Home & living  Mediatech
244812411-2 Touchelzinokki Home & living  Touch
1284817088 Telemisr Home & living  Telemisr
222673738 Home Home & living  Home
1155999036-0235727377 Ebtikar Home & living  Saturn
1060008902 Magentastar Home & living  krus
16898 Tredco Home & living  passap
222402030 Nouval Home & living  Nouval
1000780666 Oneclick Mobiles one click
19538 Carlcare Mobiles Infinix
Mobiles Techno
Mobiles itel
Mobiles Snooker
19482 Jovitronix Mobiles HTC
19427 IBS Mobiles Vsun
Mobiles Blackview
19410 LG Mobiles LG
20229248755 \ 01016663865 Dotronic Mobiles Zentality
37628391 Al Safy Mobiles Apple
Mobiles Xiaomi
Mobiles Techno
19427 IBS Mobiles Sony 
Powerbanks Sony 
19900 Raya Phones Hauwei
Phones Nokia
Phones Lenovo