Jumia Egypt Affiliate Program

Make Money Online with Jumia Affiliate Program

Online shopping is on the rise in Egypt which is highly attributed to the growing internet usage. To leverage on this, Jumia Egypt is looking for ways to make the most out of e-commerce, thus, having the Jumia Affiliate program. Jumia Affiliate program is a pay per sale program that lets you make money online in Egypt.

How to Become a Jumia Egypt Affiliate

To join Jumia Affiliate program, you need an active blog with high traffic. Then, on the Jumia Affiliate program web page, click on the ”Become an Affiliate”button, fill the Jumia Affiliate registration form and wait for an approval notification via the email address you submitted during registration.

How Jumia Affiliate Program Works

To make money from the Jumia Affiliate Program, you must market and sell Jumia Egypt’s products. You get paid your commission if someone you refer to Jumia Egypt through your affiliate link buys something. To refer more customers, you are required to place banners and adverts on your blog. You also get to make easy money online by writing about the products on your blog and when posting them, you embed your affiliate links on the blog post. To earn more money online, keep track of your blog performance and keep driving more traffic to your blog. Join the best affiliate programs today and make easy money online through affiliate marketing.