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Drinking Water Made Easy

In this hot weather, you must be thinking of one thing, cold refreshing pure water! In fact, water dispenser has become more popular than any other home or office appliances . There’s no need to fill small bottles and store them; now, you can save the space inside your refrigerator and buy a water dispenser. Once your water cooler is installed, you will get cold water instantly without the hassle of waiting for hours. Jumia is glad to offer you the most convenient appliance for drinking water with various types. Some water dispensers can have water heater that you can use to make a quick hot drink on the go. The water temperature can be adjusted according to your preference. So, whether you want hot, cold or just room temperature water. You got it all!

The Water Dispenser You Need

As you know, the options and prices could vary. Also, water dispensers have different design, sizes, and features. For example, some of the latest models are equipped with a storage cabinet. This can be useful for storing glasses or small items. Other models have a built-in refrigerator , which is practical for keeping other cold fresh drinks. Additionally, each dispenser has its own water capacity, so if you drink water more frequently, its better to buy high capacity dispensers. Furthermore, some are integrated with a water filter and that assures you to get purified and more hygienic water. So, having all the options above, it’s easy to filter them out on Jumia. You can click the features you want to help you get your product quicker.

Best Selection under One Roof

We offer you a wide selection of top quality products and models. If you are looking for unique designs that can fit in your home or office, you can check the latest reliable brands available at Jumia. Just like any other product, Jumia has all the top line brands available like Bergen, Akmy, Koldair, Carino, Media tech, Saphiros and Tank. These brands are best known for their top quality materials and beautiful designs.