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Black Friday 2017 ! Will be back on Jumia Egypt !

This year, Jumia we offered more black Friday deals. The crazy discounts was reach their peak. This year Black Friday 2016 was more longer than last year, lasting for 12 days of the best sales, deals, and heavy discounts, be on time for 2017, the best deals will be at your fingertips. Black Friday is considered the biggest online shopping event that takes place every year worldwide. Save your money and buy what you have always wanted with much lower prices. Jumia team will dedicate its tremendous efforts to provide the best offers on top brands such as Samsung, Infinix, Xiaomi, Philips, Nike, Ravin. Do not miss any of them by saving black Friday date. Mark your calendar starting from November 7th, and stay tuned! Last year, we made you happy, this year we will make you proud! We offer you more than.

What is Jumia Black Friday?

Jumia seises every opportunity to offer the best quality products & brands with the best prices in Egypt market. Black Friday discounts can reach 50% or higher on all types of products, starting from, categories to kids and baby care category. It is the perfect time to take the advantage of the best deals and offers on Jumia.com.eg. This day, million customers visit the website to catch up the crazy prices and discounts. You may ask yourself; how can I have the best deals? Here we guide you. Firstly subscribe to Jumia newsletters, to receive the daily notifications and latest updates via email. Secondly, download on your mobile to enjoy shopping on the go! Thirdly, join our back Friday campaign on Facebook to keep in touch with our news and updates.

Jumia Black Friday Services.

Jumia guarantees for you the best services during black Friday every year. You just make your orders online and Jumia will deliver them to your doorstep. You do not need to suffer in traffic to enjoy shopping, just by one click; you can enjoy a wide variety of products at amazing prices. Moreover, Jumia offers you different payment methods for your convenience. As our mission in Jumia is to build the most trusted and beloved shopping destination in Africa, so do not think twice and shop online!