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In recent years, our growing need for connectivity was associated with a possibility of a worldwide Internet access. Through smartphones and laptops, communities have evolved into a world where internet access is essential. Today, the invention of touch-pads revolutionized our mobility . They facilitated the access to our multimedia content and made it easier to connect to the internet than with laptops. Furthermore, their capabilities are beyond the ones of mobile phones because of their highly intelligent interface it is now easier to look up information when needed.


By a single touch, you will be able to view images and videos , and listen to music . You'll also be able to take photos , record events , and even modify them through the proposed applications or post them online using famous social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook . Jumia Egypt has carefully selected a wide collection of the highest quality tablets in the market. So whether you are in the market for a Samsung Tablet , an Apple iPad , or the latest in Lenovo technology, you are in the right place. Buy a tablet online and be permanently connected and revolutionize your access to information, in fixed and mobile situations. Browse all of Jumia ’s models with different specifications (specs) and prices and their many accessories and grab your tablet at the best price in Egypt today!


Both the Lenovo and Samsung Tablet are operated by Android as well as other brands like Polaroid , Quantum, and Wintouch . When shopping for tablets at Jumia Egypt you have many specifications to choose from like what size tablet you would prefer, a 7” tablet or an 8” tablet or even the 10.1” tablet . You also have the option of buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 or Galaxy Tab 3 Lite or the latest Galaxy Tab S2 . As for the Apple iOS iPads , customers have the several choices between iPad Air , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 2 among many other choices for Apple .