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Telephone Batteries and Battery Chargers

Landline telephones have not lost their place in the market, they are still so much in use at home and commercially. Jumia Egypt stocks both corded and cordless home phones, they come from different brands which include Panasonic, Gaoxinqi, Motorola, Victory and Grandstream. Order for your house phone and telephone accessories now and have your order delivered to your home or office.

Variety of House Phones and Accessories

Landline phones maybe falling out of popularity, but they are still important in our house. House phones are handy when it comes to emergencies as they work well even when there is power disconnection, they are also secure compared to smartphones. Landline telephones are also compatible with fax machines, so if your fax machine is not internet and computer based, you can go ahead and use the landline. Browse through our site for telephones from different brands, and they also come in a variety of colors and designs.

Order for Home Telephone via Jumia Egypt

Shop for home phone and its accessories online with Jumia Egypt. Enjoy our pocket friendly discounts on these phones and have your phone delivered to your home or office.