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Protect Yourself from Viruses!

Dettol is one of the most popular brands that produce disinfectants and sterilizers for killing germs and microbes. You can find all Dettol products on Jumia Egypt, which include Dettol soap, Dettol sanitizer, Dettol spray, Dettol liquid, Dettol wipes, Dettol hand wash and more. Buy Dettol antiseptic from Jumia store and protect yourself and your family from diseases because Dettol disinfectant provides full protection against germs that can cause infections and diseases, as it is used in wound disinfection, cleaning surfaces or in the laundry.

Shop from Dettol without Moving from Home!

We have the best Dettol soap price in the Egyptian market, especially during our great offers on antiseptics. If you want to protect yourself from diseases and viruses, buy Dettol antiseptic liquid that kills 99.9% of germs and is recommended by doctors. You can find Dettol Multi Action cleaner which is used to clean the bathroom, kitchen, and floors. Dettol Spray is available at Jumia Egypt at the cheapest prices that suit your budget. You can find all types of Dettol liquid on our website such as Dettol Green, Dettol Yellow, Dettol Lavender, Dettol Blue, and others. You can pay cash on delivery or pay online.

Special Discounts on Dettol Products

Shop Dettol liquid or Dettol soap from Jumia Egypt and enjoy full protection against epidemics and diseases. You can find antiseptic products and detergents from famous sources on Jumia Egypt. There is no need to move from home because we deliver all the orders to your door or any suitable place for you. Buy Dettol products at reasonable prices suitable for your budget.