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Buy Pencil Case for School Online

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When it’s time for school, there are a lot of school supplies that need to be bought. Some of these supplies include pens, pencils, erasers, crayons and even colored pens. If these small items just lay around in a school bag, your kid will be looking around all class long to get them out and that’s why you need a school pencil case to carry all the writing utensils.

A pen holder is easier to reach for from the bag and that’s why it’s as important as the school bag. You can shop online at Jumia Egypt for a collection of kids pencil cases for girls and boys of all ages. You can even find an adult pencil case for your own use. Get a kids pencil case from high quality brands such as Tinc, Top Fit, Sanwood and Faber Castell. We have many different shapes, designs and sizes to choose from. A double pencil case has two compartments to separate colors from pencils, for example. A box pencil case is rough and sturdy, as opposed to the soft fabric one.

Shop Childrens Pencil Case @ Low Price

Get a pencil pouch in different shapes for your kids such as a burrito pencil case or donut pencil case to draw a smile on your kids face. Whether you’re looking for a girly pencil case or a boy’s one, you can find it online at Jumia Egypt. Shop online today for a new pencil case and get the best prices in the market.