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Books are one of the best things in the world given to mankind. It is the ability for one person to share his thought and opinions with millions of other people, without having to speak to them or see them. Books are knowledge and education, they are entertainment and magic, all at once. At Jumia Egypt, Arabic is our mother-tongue and that is why we have created a catalog dedicated to Arabic books of all kinds for all ages from some of the best authors in the world.

If you’re looking for books to read, you can get Arabic stories, Arabic literature, Arabic philosophy books, among hundreds of other genres of books to choose from. A novel is a story created upon the imagination of a person that can be relatable and fun for others to read. Psychology books can teach you wonders about the human mind in terms of thoughts, function and behavior. You can also get Islamic books or Christian books if you’re interested in reading about religion. Buy an Arabic dictionary if Arabic is not your mother-tongue and you would like to learn the beautiful language. All these Arabic stories and books are available here among hundreds more to choose from at Jumia Egypt.

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Arabic audio books and short stories are also an option to go for. If you’re looking for children’s books for the younger generation, you can get a coloring book for your kids or maybe even a science book to teach them all about the physics and chemistry going on around us. Whether it’s Arabic literature, philosophy books or even autobiographies, find them here at Jumia Egypt.