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Arabic Books, The Soul of the East

Reading is all about dreaming it creates a world of dreams made and owned by the reader. Reading does not only widen the scoop of knowledge but also enriches vocabulary and introduces the reader to new and different cultures. Arabic writers have been writing books for ages and they were known for their strong and well structured poetry. Their poetry has been taught at universities, and many studies were based on Arabic books. In the modern days there are many Arab writers that inspire the world with their writings every day, among those writers are Naguib Mahfouz who won the Nobel prize for literature in 1988 for his Cairo Trilogy and Taha Hussein who was nick named Dean of the Arabic literature. Those writers and others have written about Arabic culture and costumes. They depicted each and every aspect of the Arabic culture in their writings. Still Arabic books are not restricted to books about Arabic culture. There are many Arabic novels that reflect the deepest emotions and desires in human beings. There are also books about human development and Islamic cultures. In addition, Arab writers have used their words to depict the Arabian architecture and designs.

Arabic Books, The Best Books you Would ever get!

All this and more is expressed through a flow of words that takes you to a deep endless sea of your own creation. When you read it’s all about you, it’s you who decide how the book will end because even it is written by an author it is read and interpreted by you. Moreover, if you are interested in an English books but you are not that good at English you can just read its translated version for example the famous books “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven R. Covey is translated into Arabic and the great novel” Harry Potter” by J K Rowling is also translated into Arabic so you have your favorite English book in your mother tongue. Jumia Egypt has a great collection of great books that you can easily get online. So if you want to have the bestselling Arabic books in Egypt all you have to do is to buy from our website. Jumia Egypt is known for their great prices and deals and they offer the widest collection of boooks